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Budgeting is no joke. We’re finally getting serious about budgeting all of our expenses and I’m feeling like I may have gone off the deep end. I was counting pennies today and celebrating every penny I found laying around.

We’re going the envelope budgeting route a la Dave Ramsey and will officially start November 1st.

Now, who has coupon-ing tips?


6 thoughts on “HOLY BUDGETING

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    Well it depends on what kind of coupon info you want. And having loyalty cards and connecting them to other sites is key. I actually left CVS a couple weeks ago with $1.50 profit for shopping. So instead of spending i made money on the trip and it’s not as hard as you might think. 🙂

  2. CVS has 9-10.3oz Dawn dishwashing liquid for $.99 (Normally $2.19) this week plus $.50 off coupon in most newspapers. Which means you pay only $.49.

    Dawn is also one of the Extrabuck(Eb) earners this week (and it is the pre-coupon amount that goes toward earning the Eb).
    You must spend $30 to get $10 and can use the following to earn Eb: Duracell batteries($6.99), Aussie Essences Shampoo or conditioner($2.99),Nyquil/Dayquil, Pampers cruisers, Covergirl cosmetics( sign up for beauty rewards and earn more extrabucks), Dawn, crest Pro Health.

  3. You can start saving for your after Christmas bills now. Most everybody has them, you know the after Christmas bills. So unless you are going to stop gifting completely they are not going anywhere. So what can you do?
    How about earning money for your spending? Yep shop and earn money online. You earn by how much you spend and who you spend with, so you may have to do some comparing. However if you are trying to live more frugally you are doing that anyway. So why not try it out if you already online shop you aren’t losing anything and the cost of joining is absolutely free and as long as you have money earned they send you a check every three months. So instead of just spending earn a little on your spending and check out the link below:

  4. First you can shop and earn through mypoints.com where you earn points by shopping, reading e-mails,and printing /redeeming coupons. The points earned can then be redeemed for giftcards I have personally redeemed over $360 myself). Once you join mypoints you can earn 50pts by joining savingstar through my points.

    Why join savingstar? Once you join saving star you can register your pharmacy or grocery loyalty cards here. Next activate the e-coupons for the items you will buy. Third purchase e-coupon items and within a couple days the value of the coupon will be deposited into your savingstar account, once you reach $5 you can redeem for amazon giftcard, paypal, or have it electonically transferred to your bank account. Plus you can still use your paper coupons for the same items and double up on savings. So you can save extra here as well. Or how about saving for college?

    Join Upromise.com link your store loyalty cards, and your credit cards, then get qualified merchandise puurchase deposits, get percentage cash back for partner sites, and get e-coupons that get deposited into your Upromise college savings account, Or how about expanding the amount of retailers you can earn cashback from.

    Earn cash back at a wide variety of retailers and get a check every three months for your shopping with: http://www.ebates.com/rf.do?referrerid=gojYrCFP%2F%2BAVgPzDi09W8Q%3D%3D

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